Zoom Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills

Many at home dentistry treatments just don’t work like they should – they are not made to treat severe discoloration and staining. Furthermore, while treatments like Veneers and Invisalign in Santa Monica and other Southern California regions can be effective, they aren’t the right choice for everyone. That’s why so many Beverly Hills residents have been thrilled at the experience of undergoing Zoom whitening from Dr. Saleh at ORA Dentistry Spa.

The Zoom laser whitening system is a photochemical process activated by plasma light. Today, tooth whitening can be carried out in the dentist chair effectively and efficiently. The treatment takes approximately 1 hour, dramatically reducing treatment time and only requires 1-2 visits. It can whiten teeth by up to 10 shades on the Vita shade guide used by dentists to match teeth to crown and bridge work.

At our acclaimed, luxurious facility, not only are our teeth whitening procedures effective, but they are also very safe. No agents are used that would jeopardize your enamel or gums. Instead, the techniques we use have been said to be the safest by the American Dental Association.

Advantages of Zoom teeth whitening Beverly Hills include:

  • Safer (gum, tongue and saliva is not in any contact with any agents)
  • Painless
  • Good performance
  • High quality treatment with quick results
  • No bulky trays to wear either within treatment or at home.

It should be noted that some stains, though reduced cannot be removed entirely i.e. Tetracycline, fluorosis & myosin. Occasional banding is apparent due to dentine/enamel intrinsic staining, density thickness and areas of less calcification. The results are improved, though variable from case to case – and with Dr. Saleh, you can always expect the most dazzling possible effect.

Teeth Whitening with Expert Care

Our dentist in Beverly Hills Dr. Saleh will work with you to personalize your teeth whitening experience. From coffee and red wine to sugary foods, depending on one’s diet and eating habits, everyone has a different reason for suffering from tooth discoloration and staining. Most people have a different level of tooth and gum sensitivity as well. That’s why, at ORA Dentistry Spa, your teeth whitening will be designed to suit only you.

There are many procedures to whiten teeth, but one of the most effective is undoubtedly Zoom teeth whitening at Beverly Hills-based ORA Dentistry Spa. At our facility, Dr. Saleh makes sure that the discoloration and stains on your teeth can be removed with a cutting-edge process, leading to stunning results. What you can expect to see afterwards is nothing short of an amazingly bright smile. In fact, when looking at the while smiles of your favorite celebrities, there is a good chance that Dr. Saleh has treated many of them. After all, our Beverly Hills dentist is a favorite among famous faces like Tyra Banks and actress Nene Leaks.

With Dr. Saleh, you can rest assured that you will have the highest quality teeth whitening procedures available today, customized to fit your needs. When people comment on your smile, you will know that you have received the best treatment around. To schedule your consultation, or for any questions regarding Zoom teeth whitening in Beverly Hills and the other health and cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Saleh, don’t hesitate to call our office at (310) 273-0848 or contact us online.

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