Using No Prep Veneers for Restoring a Natural Smile

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Teeth with gaps and ones that are chipped or cracked can be corrected with the use of veneers. Those imperfections may prevent you from smiling fully and letting your personality come out at work or in personal relationships.

Done properly, a smile looks restored and natural. Challenges do exist and those include proper placement of veneers and a coloring that blends with the existing teeth.

Concerns center around the “minimally invasive” nature of veneers. How much tooth structure needs to be altered for proper placement? What happens if veneers are too long?

A past article in the Daily Mail Online described the troubles a writer faced when she experienced veneers that were poorly done. She endured a “grueling one-and-a-half hour session where [the dentist] drilled back ten teeth ready for the veneers.” Other complications seemed to multiply including the veneers being too long and affecting her bite.

No-prep veneers could be the answer. Dr. Sam Saleh of Ora Dentistry Spa in Beverly Hills says the procedure is “pain free, and can transform your smile in no time. They are extremely thin, and made of a type of porcelain known as emax.”

An advantage is that the tooth’s structure is also left completely intact so the procedure is non-invasive. No prep veneers are also a solution to strengthen, shape, and lengthen teeth as noted by Ora Dentistry Spa and illustrated through video.

Dentistry is a blend of professional and artistic skills. Dr. Saleh approaches his work as an artist. The tools he uses are there to enhance the skills he already possesses. “I have a keen eye for beauty,” says Dr. Saleh, “and there’s a fine line between looking beautiful and appearing artificial.”

His practice makes use of the latest digital dentistry techniques such as CAD/CAM where he has earned additional certifications. A laser scanner sends images to a computer monitor so both Dr. Saleh and the patient can review the potential outcome. His personal eye combined with technological accuracy leads to highly acclaimed results.

Smiling with confidence is a gift. And with today’s cosmetic dentistry techniques such as no-prep veneers, it’s also realistic to enjoy having one.

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