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“Every effort has been made to assure your utmost comfort while attending to the health of your teeth or cosmetically improving your smile.”

ORA’s tranquil penthouse setting atop Rodeo Drive creates a highly calming environment that facilitates energy, balancing and cleansing. Distinctively decorated treatment rooms are designed to enhance the total spa experience through a variety of customized choices. You can select one of the four mood enhancing surroundings and then choose from a menu to further stimulate all five senses.

“The Spa Treatment”  

We want to make sure our patients are relaxed and enjoy each experience with Ora Dentistry Spa whether they are waiting in the lobby or getting treatment in the chair.


Each treatment room represents a unique aura:

The Kido Room represents an intense source of energy. You can relax in a pure and white surrounding as you experience a mind and body cleansing.

The Chi Room, which means life force, is the room in which you rejuvenate yourself in a soft and feminine environment.

The Hara Room, with its warm and golden glow, allows you to focus on centering your energies.

The Bodhi Room, exhibiting colors of dark silver, is designed to awaken and enlighten your experience. The color palette focuses on the masculine energies of the universe.

Spend your sedentary time wisely. Sit back and relax with a little indulgence.

  • Massage: Hand, foot, neck and shoulder
  • Waxing: Eyebrow shaping for men and women
  • Grooming: Traditional barbershop razor shave
  • Aromatherapy: Choose your favorite scent and you’ll find your body becomes relaxed, reenergized and refreshed in no time


Catch up on your favorite TV show or unwind to a sonata

  • DVDs of movies and TV shows, satellite radio, CD library
  • Leather dentist chair with heat and massage functions
  • Noise-silencing headphones

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Call Us: 310.273.0848

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