The Oral Hygiene Quiz

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Think you know all about oral hygiene? Wrap your mind around this Three-Point quiz to get straight on healthy teeth and gums. The answers come from Dr. Sam Saleh, the owner of Ora Dentistry Spa. Dr. Saleh is a renowned cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills who’s certified in some of the industry’s latest tools and techniques.

Show Us What You Know
#1 True or False: Chewing sugarless gum does more than taste sweet; it has a benefit for your mouth.

#2 True or False: The primary reason for a dental check-up is to look for cavities.

#3 Which is the best way to brush teeth and get them clean: hard, vigorous brushing or gentle circles?

In-depth answers are on Dr. Sam Saleh’s Oral Hygiene Instructions page.

#1 Sugarless gum can do your mouth some good. If it’s dry or after a meal, pop in a piece of gum and chew away. This stimulates the production of saliva, which neutralizes the acid in the mouth and, guess what, fewer cavities. Note: chewing gum isn’t recommended for people with jaw joint problems or braces.

#2 Sure, the hygienist and dentist will look for cavities. But Dr. Sam will tell you that the mouth is full of clues about your body’s health. Look at what’s checked during a dental exam at Ora Dentistry Spa:

  • The health of your gums
  • Your head and neck
  • The mouth for indications of oral cancer, diabetes, or vitamin deficiencies
  • Your face, bite, saliva, and movement of your lower jaw joints (TMJs), will also be examined

#3 Don’t force it when brushing your teeth. Raking the toothbrush back and forth across your teeth can damage the enamel and the gums if you’re not careful. Move the toothbrush in gentle circular motions and spend about two to three seconds on each tooth.

So don’t neglect the mouth when you think about personal health. It’s much more than brushing your teeth a couple of times a day so your breath smells fresh. It offers a look at your overall health and well being.

A qualified dental professional like Dr. Saleh understands the need to examine and explore. Where others may overlook or simply go in quickly to clean your teeth, he’s going to take a full read to better understand your condition. Oral health is your key to vibrant personal health.

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