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Have you ever wondered how your favorite actor, musician, or model got their smile to be so perfect? There’s no magic potion or million dollar secret which is out of reach to those not in elite circle. In reality, many of these famous faces with their amazing smiles are patients of Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sam Saleh, at ORA Dentistry Spa. Along with serving many of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, Dr. Saleh has also appeared on many makeover television programs as the leading cosmetic dentist in the field.

You don’t have to be a world famous celebrity to use the services of ORA Dentistry Spa. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every single patient feels like a VIP. Our spa-like facilities are designed with patient comfort in mind, using services like massage and aromatherapy to calm any anxious nerves. As the best office for a dentist in Beverly Hills, we constantly strive to have the latest technology, which can make cosmetic procedures easier and painless. One such technological development is an E4D CAD-CAM digital system which allows complicated tooth restoration to be done in a single day.

Dr. Saleh is a facial aesthetics expert, which means that each of his cosmetic procedures are done keeping in mind the natural contours of a patient’s face. This ensures that your new, bright smile perfectly fits your face and enhances your beauty. If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hillsto help restore your smile to its full potential, call ORA Dentistry Spa today to set up an appointment.

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