Crooked teeth can be difficult to live with. When you aren’t confident in your teeth, you might be less tempted to smile during every day occasions for fear of being judged. Whether you’re meeting a new group of people or attending a business meeting, not having full self-assurance in your smile can be a blow to your overall confidence. There are plenty of solutions to having crooked teeth, but many of them can feel embarrassing when you’re past high school age. If you want to have straight, beautiful teeth, but don’t want any extra attention, Ora Dentistry Spa offers the very best dental treatment of Invisalign Beverly Hills has to offer.

Invisalign is the perfect substitute for noticeable metal braces for older patients or people who are looking for a way to straighten their teeth without being obvious. For Invisalign in Beverly Hills, Ora Dentistry Spa offers the top treatment for people who suffer from teeth crowding, misalignment, wide spaced teeth, and complex bite problems.

Invisalign consists of aligners that are barely visible to the untrained eye. During your consultation these aligners are made from a unique set of dental impressions and photos of your teeth. Through a process of 3D computer simulation and the opinions of experts, a series of Invisalign aligners are created for your individual use, developed to gradually move your teeth into that perfect smile.

When you get Invisalign in Los Angeles, it can take between 8 weeks to 2 years of treatment to obtain your ideal smile, depending on the severity of your situation. Since the repositioning is more gradual than with traditional metal braces, any discomfort is minimal. Invisalign aligners can be removed for eating, so you don’t have to change your lifestyle in order to get straight teeth. With the help the Ora Dentistry Spa team, you can get the best Invisalign Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills have available.

An Award-Winning Dentist Who Will Help You Achieve Your Dental Goals

Dr. Sam Saleh is a cosmetic, restorative, and Emergency dentist in Beverly Hills, who specializes in dental treatments that promote wellness, comfort, and self-confidence. With years of experience giving top notch care and hundreds of satisfied patients on his side, Dr. Saleh offers the top dental treatments available, including Invisalign, veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, and a Beverly Hills smile makeover. Dr. Saleh believes that his patients deserve to look and feel their best, so if you’re looking to get Invisalign in Los Angeles, there’s no better resource.

The Ora Dentistry Spa facilities are unlike any dentist’s office you’re ever likely to find. Each room in our offices is designed to promote positive energy, calm the nerves, and relax your body and mind. Other services offered include hand, foot, neck, and shoulder massage, eyebrow waxing, grooming, and aromatherapy.

Don’t Wait Another Minute for Your Perfect Smile

For the best cosmetic dentistry Beverly Hills has to offer, look no further than Ora Dentistry Spa. Call our offices at 310-273-0848 or fill out an online form to set up a consultation. Your ideal smile is within your grasp with the help of Dr. Saleh.

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