Invisalign Instructions

  1. You will find packages containing an aligner for your upper and lower teeth in each package.
  2. The aligner with the larger opening fits over your upper teeth and the one with the smaller openings fits over your lower teeth.
  3. Start the treatment at the end of your evening after dinner and after brushing your teeth. All subsequent aligners will be changed at the same time – this is to ensure at least eight hours of continuous placement without the need to remove them for eating or brushing. Also, less of the initial discomfort is felt as you will be asleep.
  4. Place the upper aligner on your upper teeth and the lower aligner on your lower teeth. Apply pressure with your thumb and fore finger to ensure the aligner seats down over the teeth.
  5. On initial placement, the aligners may feel tight – this is normal. Should the pressure cause too much discomfort, I would suggest taking a Motrin or aspirin over the counter dose is sufficient.
  6. The aligners are removed only to eat and brush your teeth. Ensure that no food or beverages are consumed with the aligners in place. When the aligners are removed, they must be placed in the enclosed blue box, to avoid misplacement or loss.
  7. Removing the aligners for the first time is always challenging. Patients must be exercised. Using the thumb and forefinger apply pressure to the base of the aligner near the back of the mouth in a lifting moment. Once the back of the aligner is lifted off the teeth, apply a similar pressure to the base in the front of the mouth to completely lift the aligner off. Bear in mind that as the aligner is worn, this process will become easier as the teeth move into the desired position.
  8. After a week of full time use, you will be ready to go to the next aligner in the series, ie. From aligner 1 to aligner 2.
  9. The new aligner in the series will be placed at the end of the evening as mentioned before, and the usual steps will be followed.


  1. In the case that the next aligner in the series does not fit. This means the previous aligner has not completed its full range of movement,
    Resolution: Go back to the previous aligner that did fit and continue to wear it for another week before trying to fit the next aligner
  2. In the case an aligner is lost or breaks
    Resolution: Remain in the previous aligner, contact our office immediately and another aligner will be ordered for you.
  3. In case you cannot remove an aligner
    Resolution: Be patient do not apply too much force in one area; apply pressure in several areas to giggle the aligner out

 Hygiene & Maintenance

The aligners are removed for only two reasons: 1. to brush your teeth and 2. To eat, brush, and floss the teeth as usual.
The aligners should be brushed with a tooth brush under a running tap of water. Should the aligners stain, the stains can be removed with white vinegar then rinsed thoroughly with water.


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