After The surgery, there may be temporary pain, swelling, discoloration of the skin, and numbness or altered sensation.

Post-Operative Exam- will be required at regular intervals.
For example.*
1. First to third day after surgery.
2. First and second week after surgery;
3. Every two or three weeks after surgery for three months
4. Every six to eight weeks after surgery from the third month until surgical exposure of the implants.

*Certain situations may require more/less frequent visits.

Post-Operative examination will include:
a)    Visual inspection of gingival tissue.
b)    Palpation of the fixture for mobility and tenderness.
c)    Periodontal tissue evaluation with respect to inflammation.
d)    Biopsy of gingival tissue, if indicated.
e)    X-rays, if indicated.

Second Surgical Procedure: For implants requiring a second surgical procedure, the overlaying tissues will be opened at the appropriate time, and the stability of the implants will be verified. If the implant appears satisfactory, an attachment will be connected to the implants. Plans and procedures to create an implant crown or appliance (By Dr. Sam Saleh) can then begin after the gum tissue has healed.

Prosthetic Phase of Procedure: I understand that at this point I will be referred back to my dentist. This phase is just as important as the surgical phase for the long-term success of the oral reconstruction. During this phase, an implant prosthetic devise or crown will be attached to the implant. This procedure should be performed by a person trained to the prosthetic protocol for the root form implant system.

Expected Benefits: The purpose of the dental implant is to allow me to have more functional artificial teeth. The implants provide support, anchorage, and retention for these teeth.

Necessary Follow-up Care and Self Care: I understand that it is important for me to continue to see my dentist. Implants, natural teeth, and appliances have to be maintained daily in a clean, hygienic manner. Implants and appliances must also be examined periodically and may need to be adjusted. I understand that is important for me to abide by the specific prescriptions given by my Dentist.

No Warranty or Guarantee: Event though dental implant have a very high success rate, I hear by acknowledge that no guarantee, warranty or assurance has been given to me that the proposed treatment will be successful. Due to individual patient differences, a Dentist cannot predict certainty of success. There exists the risk of failure, relapse, additional treatment, or worsening of my present condition, including the possible loss or devitalization of certain teeth, despite the best of care. (If the implant fails with in first year, of the initial implant surgery, there is no charge for the replacement of the implant with a new one, by Dr. Saleh)

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