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Crafting a perfect smile is an art form. Some dentists may see cosmetic dentistry has just one procedure after another. That’s how patients end up getting smile makeovers that don’t really suit their face, whether it’s having implants that crowd the rest of the teeth or overpowering the look of the rest of the face. At ORA Dentistry Spa, we’re the Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist dedicated to creating smiles that will get people noticed for the right reasons. Every smile should be unique, since everybody’s features are distinctly their own.

Facial aesthetics technology is changing the way that cosmetic dentistry is done. Dr. Sam Saleh is the leading facial aesthetics expert in the area. He has a strong understanding of how to use a person’s natural features, such as the lines and contours of their face, to create smiles that enhance their beauty. With a wide array of cosmetic procedures on offer, ORA Dentistry Spa is a full service cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hillsthat works hard for you. Our cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening, Invisalign, cosmetic bonding, tooth restoration, dental implants, and much more.

Whatever your cosmetic dentistry need, ORA Dentistry Spa is the Beverly Hills dentist you can trust. In our spa-like facilities, we always are stocked with the latest in dental technology. We also have offices that are designed to create an atmosphere of comfort, with massage and aromatherapy option. If you’re ready for your very own distinctive smile makeover, call our offices today to book an appointment.

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