Designing Your Personal Red Carpet Smile in Los Angeles

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You don’t like to smile because you’re self-conscious about a tooth that’s chipped or there’s a gap in the teeth. Discoloration long ago ruined your pearly whites and you’re considering a trip to a cosmetic dentist. Compared to someone like Anne Hathaway, whom OK magazine said has a smile that “lights up the room,” you figured your run-of-the-mill smile is the hand that Mother Nature dealt you.

Besides, isn’t getting a terrific smile simply a matter of whitening the teeth? Not so fast. A chipped tooth, discoloration, or worn edges impact your mouth and your facial features.

Before you settle in the dental chair learn how a skilled dentist approaches your smile. Start with the Big Picture by considering the details in the face. Next is an evaluation of the individual teeth and finally the correct procedures and materials are chosen.

Personal Features

Dr. Sam Saleh of Ora Dentistry Spa in Beverly Hills works on the smiles of celebrities, executives, and students and he’s adamant that a smile is a deeply personal feature. His strength is in his ability to help a patient achieve the smile that is right for them in the context of their jaws, nose, and eyes.

Dr. Saleh approaches dentistry as a work of art and there is no “one size fits all” approach with teeth. “We take into account the patient’s cultural and ethnic background. It’s your teeth, though, that make you unique. Every individual patient requires a custom design that’s right for them and their mouth.”

His work is giving patients smiles that “belong in their particular mouth.” He’s traveled and experienced the Middle East, Europe, and North America and has worked with many cultural variations in his dental practice. “No matter where you come from in the world you are going to be different than the person next to you.”


Proper alignment isn’t just for tires on a car. Facial features that are in alignment blend smile lines, teeth, eyes and the nose. This is the starting point, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. When a nose is large, lips are full, and the teeth are small and worn then the face lacks symmetry. Cosmetic dentistry is used to bring the face into an appealing alignment.

A way to achieve that symmetry is having a procedure done like veneers to impact the smile line and take away from the large nose. “Consider the face like having three sections with one being where the nose is, the other as the eye and eyebrow and the third being the smile. You shouldn’t have one feature that draws more attention than the others. They all should work in harmony.”


Teeth aren’t in your mouth just to chew food and look pretty. Teeth are like steel girders in a building or supports for a bridge since they support the lips and lower third of the face. Chipped or cracked teeth and ones that are wearing down can lead to poor alignment of the facial features. Restoring teeth that are in poor shape can truly change a patient’s appearance. In an attractive smile, the top teeth show fully in a good proportion to your gums. The line where the gums and teeth meet is smooth and even.

So, yes, there is purpose and strategy to a Red Carpet smile. You may not have your name in lights and stroll in front of gawking onlookers, but you can have a winning smile that is right for you.

Dig deeper into why a winning smile is important for your career and personal life. Get a free ebook from Ora Dentistry Spa, A Red Carpet Smile that’s Right for You.

Oh, and here’s a link to that article on OK Magazine from 2014 if you want to see who has the best and worst smile in Hollywood.

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